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Onsi University

Discover our wide range of courses designed to help you maintain compliance with Prevailing Wage and other labor laws.


Join our upcoming events to ensure seamless compliance with Prevailing Wage and other essential labor laws.


Discover how our services can assist you and your company in staying compliant with Prevailing Wage.


Explore the resources we offer, providing quick guidance on a wide range of topics.


Training Courses

Onsi Group offers tailored On-Site Compliance Training solutions to meet the specific needs of businesses unable to send their workforce to in-person sessions or virtual training. Our Custom On-Site Compliance Training is a personalized program led by our expert team, which includes President Angela Hendrix, who will travel to your workplace.

Enrich your knowledge of labor law compliance with our personalized courses delivered right to your doorstep

Our personalized courses are designed to save you time and resources by eliminating the necessity to travel or allocate extra funds for training sessions. We bring the classroom experience right to your preferred location, whether it's your office, organization, or any other convenient venue. Our primary goal is to offer a seamless learning experience that optimizes your time while minimizing any disruptions to your daily operations.

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