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Onsi University

Discover our wide range of courses designed to help you maintain compliance with Prevailing Wage and other labor laws.


Discover how our services can assist you and your company in staying compliant with Prevailing Wage.


Explore the resources we offer, providing quick guidance on a wide range of topics.

Bringing Peace of Mind

to Government Compliance

From prevailing wage and fringe benefits to SCA and DBA federal pursuits, Onsi Group is here to ensure your company is both competitive and compliant when dealing with government regulatory agencies. Let us handle the details so that you can operate stress-free.
Fringe Benefit Tracking

Fringe Benefit Tracking System


As a Record Keeper of Health and Welfare (H&W) Fringe Benefits (FB), Onsi Group has developed a proven process and system which easily integrates with your existing business units for the compliance and administration of your Service Contract Act (SCA), Davis-Bacon Act (DBA) and Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA) covered workforce. You will receive practical industry expertise and guidance to ensure that you remain not only compliant but up to date on applicable legislation, empowering you to be more competitive and profitable in your business pursuits.

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Educational Training




Do you want to better understand SCA and DBA? Are you looking for more information about the management and/or tracking of Health & Welfare and Fringe Benefits?

Onsi Group offers a wide array of prevailing wage and labor compliance educational training courses. These courses range from essential government contracting terminology to the more advanced day-to-day application of prevailing wage labor laws, types of bona fide fringe benefits, and compliance tracking options.

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Compliance Auditing



Are you prepared for a DOL investigation? Not sure if your company is compliant? Onsi Group can minimize your risk!

Compliance violations often result in penalties; some can be severe. Onsi Group assists in navigation and complying with the extensive provisions of the Service Contract Act (SCA) of 1965, Davis-Bacon Act (DBA), Davis-Bacon Related Acts (DBRA), and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). We provide full-scale compliance auditing, including “mock” DOL investigations, to help minimize your risk as a government contractor. Onsi will help your company be best equipped for a DOL investigation, provide better optics for managing contract profitability, give you a competitive edge, and, most importantly, peace of mind.

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Consulting Service




Navigating rules and regulations to maintain compliance can be tricky. Onsi Group offers service support and guidance on a wide array of contracting matters for both government and commercial contractors. Working directly with your team, we help you better understand the technical language and requirements of compliance regulations in a way that is easy to understand and execute.

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Health and Welfare (H&W)/
Fringe Benefit (FB) Services 
That Fit Your Company

Onsi Group is known for providing exceptional prevailing wage recordkeeping services. Onsi carries that same quality of service and products aiding both government contractors and commercial entities through:

Health and Welfare / Fringe Benefit Tracking System
Health and Welfare / Fringe Benefit Trust Administration
Education Compliance Training
Compliance Auditing

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Fringe Benefits

The Onsi Difference

The Onsi Group is an innovative, compliance solution focused company headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. We solve prevailing wage and bona fide fringe benefit problems, provide peace of mind related to government contracting compliance, and cater to federal contractors, both large and small, helping them navigate the ever-changing government regulations. We are a proud Native American, woman-owned business.

Our Story

Our Story
The strongest endorsement I can provide for [Angela Hendrix] is that she is simply the very best in the business at her craft. For those of you on the fence wondering if this is a good investment—it is the best money you can spend for your Pricing Manager’s, HR Managers, and even Program Managers. This is an investment that will pay dividends.
Steven Marley
Steven Marley
Cherokee Federal
Very responsive team across the board to inquiries from management team and our employees.
Ray A.
Ray A.
Absolute Staffers LLC
I have dealt with a lot of employees that want their H&W funds paid out, and have done so in the past. Working with Onsi made me realize that they're the best way to go. You're in compliance, you relieve your staff the burden of record keeping, and you're saving by not paying these funds out in payroll.
sudie g
Sudie G.
Dependable Health Services, Inc
Onsi knows this business and can and would save time, money while bringing positive outcomes.
Michael P.
Michael P.
SDV International, LLC
Onsi training is a must! Not only does it answer many questions, but all gives examples to follow and being in class with others in the same situation is very helpful.
Sarah F.
Sarah F.
The Onsi Team is thorough and knowledgeable and get things done right. We couldn't do our jobs without their expertise!
Tomisa C
Tomisa C.
Complete Mobile Dentistry