Our Motto: Partnering to Achieve Peace of Mind

 We believe that outstanding customer service and positive client outcomes are essential.

Who We Are

The Onsi Group is a boutique Health & Welfare consulting firm located in San Antonio, Texas. We cater to federal contractors, both large and small, and help them navigate ever-changing government regulations. We are proud to be a Native American, woman-owned business.

What We Do

It’s our mission to put our keen, “eagle eye” to work to provide peace of mind for our Clients through Health & Welfare Fringe Benefit Recordkeeping & Auditing services, Third-party Trust Administration, Department of Labor Standard services, and Compliance Consulting services.

Who We Serve

Onsi serves both federal contractors and commercial entities to ensure not only that they are compliant with Health & Welfare/Fringe Benefit government regulations, but also that they remain competitive with Prevailing Wage requirements, and are successful.

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