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About The Onsi Group

Our Story

While working as in-house Counsel for government contractors, Founder & President, Angela Hendrix saw first-hand how many admirable businesses and entrepreneurs struggled with the government regulations put in place around Health & Welfare. After seeking a solution and finding none that fit the need, she started The Onsi Group at her dining room table with the primary mission of helping SBA 8A program participants and Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB) succeed in the contracting world by offering educational seminars and consulting services. Onsi has since grown to include auditing and Health & Welfare trust/administration to not only government contractors but also commercial entities.

Our Team

As a Native American, and woman-founded organization, it is important to The Onsi Group that our staff is as diverse as the clients we serve. This talented, dedicated team is unique in the industry by having first-hand legal, contracting operations, and finance experience. This diversity in experience and expertise allows us to better anticipate and respond to our client's needs.

While our backgrounds may vary, we all believe in a strong commitment to outstanding customer service and that positive client outcomes are essential to continue what we do best. 

Our Mission

At The Onsi Group, we value integrity, dependability, and excellence.

It is our goal to use every bit of experience and expertise our team members offer to provide peace of mind by meeting your contracting and compliance needs and to help you not just maintain compliance, but to succeed, and be profitable in your industry

It is our privilege to serve you.  


Our Services

Fringe Benefit Tracking System & Trust Administration

Providing detailed compliance and analysis of all fringe benefits

Educational Services

Breaking down and explaining the ins and outs of SCA, DBA, DBRA and FLSA


Offering service support on a wide array of contracting matters

Compliance Auditing

Supporting government contractors and commercial entities with regulatory compliance



At the heart of it all, The Onsi Group’s commitment provides clients peace-of-mind. Our team has a unique depth of industry knowledge, high ethical standards, and industry experience, which give our clients a measurable value and benefit when working with government regulatory agencies. 


No one knows government contracting's prevailing wage requirements better than us.  Our talented, dedicated team is unique in the industry by having first-hand legal, contracting operations, and finance experience.  This diversity in expertise allows us to better anticipate and respond to our client's needs.  


Other companies may offer the same services, but only Onsi's staff, helmed by leading prevailing wage expert Angela Hendrix, has the experience that comes with working on both sides of the government contracting spectrum paired with extensive knowledge and high ethical standards that gives you measurable value and benefit. 


We offer our clients a robust, turnkey solution for prevailing wage compliance-unbundled from associated insurance products; as well as a Health & Welfare trust which provides you with full representation and a support model to address both internal employee matters as well as those with U.S. Department of Labor.  


It's incredibly important to us that our clients not just feel comfortable with their Health & Welfare/Fringe Benefit administration, but understand the legal implications.  That is why we offer one to three-day training classes on the Services Contract Act (SCA), Davis Bacon Act (DBA/DBRA),  Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), and other government related topics from essential to advanced and keep you updated on regulatory changes.  


The Onsi Team

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