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Our 10th Anniversary   Our 10th Anniversary

by Angela Hendrix | 04/19/2019

It’s with a heart full of gratitude that I sit down to write this, our first blog post for The Onsi Group. I was recently asked how it feels to celebrate ten years in business this year, and it hit me that I hadn’t really taken the time to let it sink in. So indulge me, because it is in the process of writing this blog entry that I’m finally taking it in.


Busy is a Blessing

It’s a sad fact that most new businesses don’t make it ten years; 66% of those that make it past the first year have folded by then. Prior to founding Onsi, I saw these failures first-hand and knew I had the knowledge and skillset to help. In 2009, with the mission to serve in mind, I sat down at my dining room table and made it my goal, Onsi’s goal, to not just help businesses stay in business, but to help them succeed.


Reaching this milestone has taken tenacity, hard work, long hours, and dedication from my (oh so committed) team, along with a great deal of favor – but we have done it.  We’ve grown from a team of one to a team of 13. We’ve grown our service offerings. We’ve grown our client roster. And oh, my word, we are busy! But that busy… it’s a blessing.


A Big Thank You

First, I’d like to thank my team. Together, we have accomplished so much, both personally and professionally. Your dedication to your roles, to our clients, and to helping us grow propels us forward and inspires me each and every day.


I’d like to thank our amazing clients. I cannot say sufficiently how much you each mean to me. We would not be where we are today were it not for your business, your referrals, and your ongoing belief in us.


Finally, I’d like to thank my family, especially my parents. You are true role models of service, mercy, and love.


Facing the Future

We have been hard at work to bring some new service offerings to the table. We’re pretty excited about them and we cannot wait to share them with you.


We’re also working on new ways to keep in touch with you and foster new relationships – such as this blog.  You can follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn, and we have some other ideas in the works to boost our online presence.


You’ve probably noticed that for our tenth anniversary, our logo got a refresh! Our new, proud eagle is ready to take us forward into another ten years – she’s bravely facing the future.


Thank you, from the bottom of my heart,


Founder & President