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by Angela Hendrix | 06/07/2019

Pop Quiz – Holiday & Vacation Benefits

It’s not quite the summer solstice, but across many parts of the country schools are out, the temps are rising, and it’s not just you who has vacation on the brain. Your employees do, too!


When it comes to vacation benefits, the Service Contract Act (SCA) regulations require that after a certain period of continuous service, SCA employees are entitled to receive vacation benefits that are separate and apart from the holiday and the health & welfare (H&W) fringe benefits requirements. The minimum vacation requirement is identified in each locality’s U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) Wage Determination (WD) and/or Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).


Think you’re up to speed on all things holiday and vacation when it comes to the SCA? Take our quiz below to test your knowledge – no cheating! ;)


1. Which employees are not entitled to holiday pay?  

      a. Full-time SCA employees

      b. Full-time exempt employees 

      c. Part-time SCA employees

      d. Temporary SCA employees


2. Holiday pay is owed for:

       a. day before/after Thanksgiving/Christmas

      b. named Federal holidays, unless contractor substitutes and communicates to the service employee an alternate   day

      c. snow days

      d. "training" holidays


3. Service employees are usually ENTITLED to vested vacation benefits:

     a. on first day of employment as a service employee

     b. on the employee's birthday

     c. if the employee is a good worker

     d. after 1 year of continuous service as a service employee


4. Vested vacation benefits do NOT have to be discharged in this scenario:

      a. immediately upon vesting

      b. after the service employee's NEXT anniversary date

      c. upon completion of the contract

      d. when the employee separates from the employer, whether voluntary or involuntary


Answers: 1.b, 2.b, 3.d, 4.a


How’d you do? Are you a holiday and vacation benefits ace, or do you need some help?  We cover much of this in our SCA training courses that we offer throughout the year (one starts next week!). 

Have additional questions about vacation hour tracking! Give us a call! Onsi's fringe benefit tracking system supports the necessary calculations for fringe benefit compliance, and we’re happy to help.