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Onsi Group Compliance Training consists of an Essential and Advanced Service Contract Act (SCA) seminars.

The Essential SCA Seminar is a one-day training course that teaches the basics of the SCA. The elements of a contract that invokes the SCA law, required contract terminology and an overview of wage determination requirements. The application of the SCA law to government contracts is discussed with emphasis on contract elements, geographical limits, enforcement jurisdiction, sanctions and remedies. Attendees will leave with an understanding of Wage Determinations (WD), variances in WDs, types of fringe benefits, SCA Anniversary Dates, Paid Leave Benefits and third–party Health & Welfare trusts.

The Advanced SCA Seminar is a two-day training course that includes a discussion of the Fair Labor Standards Act and its 3-prong test for meeting one of the exemptions. The application of the SCA to various company departments is discussed at length with practical application examples for SCA compliance. The elements of pricing government contracts are presented as well as which benefits qualify as either a required or optional fringe benefit to meet SCA requirements. Pricing contracts to accommodate SCA requirements is a key component to this seminar. Incorrectly priced bids that are subject to the SCA can result in a decrease in expected revenue. Not understanding how to build benefits into your pricing scheme can result in underbidding contracts. How benefits are itemized to demonstrate employees are receiving the correct prevailing wage fringe benefits is an important feature of these seminars. If the fringe benefits are not documented properly, the Department of Labor (DOL) can determine the fringe benefit requirements were not met. Conformance and Price Adjustment procedures, along with the necessary recordkeeping components for both requirements, are covered in depth. The seminars include practical exercises and illustrative examples. All attendees are provided workbooks with templates for immediate practical application. Once an attendee has completed the course(s) they are granted alumni status for the particular seminar they attended. As long as they are employed by the same company, alumni can attend future seminars at a modest amount to defray administrative costs, currently $299.00.

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